Arrested for the theft of Bs 13 thousand from an elderly man are sentenced to 3 years in prison

Arrested for the theft of Bs 13 thousand from an elderly man are sentenced to 3 years in prison

Two of the four arrested for the theft of Bs 13 thousand from an elderly person in Montero they underwent an abbreviated trial, where the Justice handed down a sentence of three years in prison.

Marisol Perez Medina and Santos Garcia Cruz They were sent with preventive detention to the Productive Rehabilitation Center of Montero (Cerprom), on April 17, almost a week after having perpetrated the robbery on a 72-year-old moneylender.

The robbery was recorded on April 11, 2022, at approximately 11:00 p.m. at the victim’s home, located in the San José neighborhood, where four robbers arrived and after refuting the old man’s belongings they fled with a riot of Bs 13 thousand.

Police investigations managed to identify the four individuals who perpetrated the assault and the two masterminds, who were acquaintances of the old man. A month later, the defendants sought a way to reconcile with their victim, promising to return part of the money, and submitted to an abbreviated procedure.

Prosecutor Ronald Adalid Paz indicated to EL DEBER that, despite the fact that the two detainees underwent the abbreviated trial, they can benefit from the conditional suspension of their prison, but it is a long and slow process that will take their lawyers, in addition, justice values ​​​​many aspects, so their conditional release can take up to a year, or in the worst case , be denied.

Paz indicated that the victim withdrew from the complaint, since the lawyers of both parties they reconciled apart. “The man only wants to recover his money, but in these agreements the Prosecutor’s Office does not intervene. Despite this, we will continue to investigate and look for the two fugitives,” the prosecutor said.

Meanwhile, Bladimir Flores, the victim’s lawyer, indicated that the defendants have compensated for the damage, returning part of the stolen money. “There were two consecutive hearings of the two defendants. The judge determined their preventive detention and I think that we are satisfied with that part, they were also able to compensate for the economic damage,” she said.

For his part, the prosecutor assured that for a month the arrest warrants of two people have been issued, one of them is the author ofthe robbery and the other is his partner, who was aware of the crime they would commit. It is known that both people are in Chile, therefore, the authorities do not rule out declaring the rebellion of the two subjects so that the crime does not prescribe.

On the other hand, a third preventively detained for aggravated robbery He has not requested to undergo an abbreviated procedure, so he remains in the Montero prison while his case progresses. And the fourth arrested, a minor adolescent, also remains confined in the Center Educational Pilot of Juvenile Criminal Justice “New Life Santa Cruz” (Cenvicruz).

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