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El Paso declares emergency due to wave of migrants


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Newspaper La Jornada
Sunday December 18, 2022, p. 9

The mayor of the Texan city of El Paso yesterday declared a state of emergency for the hundreds of migrants who sleep on the streets with low temperatures and the thousands who are detained every day. The mayor, Democrat Oscar Leeser, said the declaration would give city authorities the resources and capacity to shelter those who have crossed the border into Mexico. The move comes at a time when El Paso, a Democratic stronghold with a history of welcoming migrants, has had to deal with tens of thousands arriving from the south in recent months. The city is bracing for a possible surge in foreign arrivals after a US judge ordered the end of Covid-era border restrictions, known as Title 42, by December 21. In the image, asylum seekers are transferred from Texas to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

With information from Reuters

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