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Eight-year-old girl was hit by a stray bullet that went through the roof of her house


The shot went through the ceiling of his houselocated in Cipriano Miró and Tunisia (Villa Española) and impacted the minor when she was lying down, around 10 pm on Friday.

Lucas Segui, the father, checked on his daughter – who began to cry – and immediately went out into the street in search of help. She asked the first car that passed the transfer to the Emergency Room and went straight to the Pasteur Hospital: “I managed to grab her and go out into the street. She passed a car and that car took me to the hospital.”

As a consequence of the fact, The girl was admitted to the ICU, was intubated and then transferred to the Pereira Rossell Hospital. This Sunday she was discharged and went to the room.

“He is very well,” said the director of the medical center, Álvaro Galiana, to The Observer. “The bullet did not enter, it hit him in the head,” added the father.

The man recalled the moment his daughter was injured. He said that after dinner he heard a noise and, instead of a bullet, he thought it was a stone. “We had finished eating around 10:30 p.m. and we felt like a stone hit the ceiling. My daughter was already in bed with my wife, who told me that it had not been a stone and that something had hit Agustina in the head. I turned on the light and saw my daughter with the shot in the head and blood, “he said.

“I’m trying to find some help so I can leave here, because Villa Española is very bad and it is a tremendous insecurity. At night you cannot live. My children come every night down this same street and more than once they have been robbed,” he added.

Although the girl evolves favorably, the father told Telemundo that he was sad. “I spoke to her yesterday on video call and she was constantly crying and wondering why this had happened to her.”

He also said that after what happened, he is determined to move. “Here every day shots of all kinds are heard (…) I’m from here, after this, I’m leaving. I’m renting, paying a fortune and it seems to me that for what I pay it doesn’t have to be like that.”

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