Government delivers land titles to parceleros

Government delivers land titles to parceleros

The government delivered Herd of the YaqueSantiago, 1,176 titles at the same number of parceleros of two settlements of the Dominican Agrarian Institute (IAD).

The act was led by the President of the Republic Louis Abinaderwho congratulated the beneficiaries and urged them to take care of those documents that, starting today, open up new opportunities for them.

“Being president makes sense if you are dedicated to changing people’s quality of life for the better, having a roof, having your house and knowing that it is yours and that no one can kick you out is the best satisfactionthey will enjoy all the benefits of real estateenjoy your homes, you deserve it,” said the president.

The farmers belong to the settlements parceleros AC-240 Villa Bao and AC 154 Herd of the Yaque.

Idalia García Pérez was the first beneficiary to receive her title and José Alberto Mejía the second.

Francisco Guillermo García, director of the Dominican Agrarian Institute, (IAD), highlighted the effort made by the State in granting those property titles that makes the beneficiaries creditors of many benefits, and that they are working families and guarantors of food security. from the country.

“This is part of President Abinader’s social policy aimed at promoting his social policy, the Herd of the Yaque AC 154-Banegas settlement formalized since 1974, they produce banana, rice, cassava, papaya, hot pepper, in a space of 16 thousand tasks. Also the AC-240 Villa Bao settlement, since 1963 was established, in this they produce meat and milk livestock, among other agricultural items, 28 thousand tasks, “emphasized the official.

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With the delivery of titles, they reported the promise of the second stage of qualifications is fulfilledannounced in July of last year in La Canela when 1,767 titles were delivered with an investment of more than 32 million pesos.

The families that received their property certificates belong in Herd of the Yaqueto sectors such as Los Jiménez, La Mina, Ensanche Hermanas Mirabal, La Paz, La Rinconada, Pradera del Yaque.

Also from Sabana Grande de Batey, Los Almácigos de La Canela, among others.

The words of thanks on behalf of the beneficiaries were pronounced by Mr. José Alberto Martínez Mejía, who pointed out that the wait of more than 40 years was worth it.

Melido de Jesús Espinal, from the Directorate of the Executing Unit for Qualifications, said, “we gave you part of the title certificates and we were going to give you the remaining part, we are not leaving here until we give you your certificate to each beneficiary of title”.

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