Eight of the 17 Uruguayans in Ukraine have already left the country after the Russian invasion

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported this Friday through a statement that, Of the 17 Uruguayans who were known to be in Ukraine, eight were able to leave the country, while another seven are on their way to neighboring countries..

The Foreign Ministry confirmed that two Uruguayans are still in Kievone at home and one at a hotel, but in good health. However, the statement explained that it was coordinated with the Brazilian embassy in the Ukrainian capital so that both are included in a transfer with Brazilian citizensbased on “cooperation agreements on consular assistance, within the framework of Mercosur.”

The ministry stated that the situation of the 17 Uruguayans is being monitored through the Office of Assistance to the Compatriot and Community Services and the Embassy of the Republic in Romania, which has jurisdiction in Ukraine. In addition, he requested that if there is information regarding the existence of more Uruguayans in the country who require assistance, the following email be notified: [email protected].

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