Eight more schools from the Gold Series parade tonight in Sapucaí

Eight more schools from the Gold Series parade tonight in Sapucaí

The second day of parades of the Gold Series will have eight more samba schools on Thursday night (21) on the Marquês de Sapucaí catwalk, in Rio de Janeiro. Each club will have a minimum of 45 minutes and a maximum of 55 minutes to pass through the Sambadrome. The winning school will move up to the Special Group.Eight more schools from the Gold Series parade tonight in Sapucaí

The first to step onto the avenue, starting at 9 pm, is Lins Imperial, which this year brings a story about the comedian Mussum, who became famous when he joined the group Os Trapalhões, alongside the characters Didi, Dedé and Zacarias. Then enters Inocentes de Belford Roxo, with The Night of the Silent Drumstelling the story of the party that celebrates black ancestry, at Pátio do Terço, in Recife.

The third to parade will be Estácio de Sá, bringing the plot Coral Snake, Vintém Parrot. I Dressed Red-Black, There’s No One. It is a tribute to the Flamengo team. After Estácio, Acadêmicos de Santa Cruz enters the avenue, telling the story of actor and director Milton Gonçalves, with the plot Axé, Milton Gonçalves – At Catupé da Santa Cruz.

The fifth school to enter the Sambadrome is Unidos de Padre Miguel, with the story of the orixá do tempo, in the plot Iroko – It’s Xirê Time. Then it’s the turn of Acadêmicos de Vigário Geral, with the plot Little Africa – From Slavery to Belonging, Layers of Memory between the Sea and the Hillbringing the history of the port region of Rio, where enslaved blacks arrived.

Seventh school to parade, Império da Tijuca brings the plot Quilombo Samba: Resistance from the Roots, telling the story of the Quilombo dos Palmares block, created in the 1970s to rescue the origins of black culture. The last school of the night will be Império Serrano, bringing the plot Mangangá, Bahian Capoeiristawho was a leader of the black people in the post-abolitionist period, at the beginning of the 20th century.

Presentations of the Gold Series were opened last night by Em Cima da Hora.

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