Eight members of Los Mexicles fall, including the second in command

▲ Surveillance around Cereso 3 in Ciudad Juárez, from where 30 inmates escaped on January 1.Afp photo

Ruben Villalpando


Newspaper La Jornada
Sunday January 8, 2023, p. 10

Ciudad Juárez, Chih., At least eight gang members The Mexicles They were apprehended between Friday night and early yesterday morning in three operations by the Army, the National Guard and the State Investigation Agency (AEI), reported the Chihuahua State Attorney General’s Office (FGE).

The agency specified that the arrests occurred in the context of the search for prisoners who escaped from the Social Reintegration Center (Cereso) number 3 on January 1, together with their leader, Ernesto Alfredo Piñón de la Cruz, alias the netshot down at dawn on January 5 by federal forces.

During the inquiries to find the whereabouts of 28 of the 30 fugitives, detailed the FGE, seven men and one woman were found, who had in their possession 16 weapons, drugs and two vehicles.

The AEI added that they managed to arrest the second in charge, a hit man nicknamed the 50who led The Mexicles before the escape the net and he was still in command with the death of the gang member.

In the three operations, the authorities searched several safe houses and during one of these actions there was an exchange of shots that left two probable members of the criminal group injured.

The Secretary of Public Security of Ciudad Juárez, César Omar Muñoz Morales, alerted about the possible violence that will be unleashed within the criminal gang, because with the death of the net and his subordinate, murdered during the prisoner escape, as well as the capture of the 50conflicts will increase due to the rearrangement of leaderships.

The police chief explained that someone must stay in charge of that criminal group, and if there are more than one, there will be violence.

the net died last Thursday after an armed confrontation in which at least 200 federal and state forces participated after the escape of prisoners from Cereso 3, which left 10 guards and seven convicts dead.

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