Eidy Roca managed to get solvent guarantors for her trip to Argentina

Eidy Roca managed to get solvent guarantors for her trip to Argentina

May 5, 2023, 1:02 PM

May 5, 2023, 1:02 PM

The former Minister of Health Eidy Roca managed to obtain, within the established period, the two solvent guarantors that Judge William Presbítero Rodríguez demanded of her to allow her to travel to Argentina in order to attend to her deteriorated state of health.

The information was confirmed this Friday morning by Lady Roca, the former minister’s sister and lawyer, in a contact with a group of journalists in La Paz.

“Yes, we got the two guarantors who had to have a minimum equity of Bs 70,000 to guarantee the return of my sister. We have complied with all the requirements and that is why the uprooting order has been issued,” the lawyer told EL DEBER.

On May 3rd, Judge Presbítero Rodríguez finally decided to grant the ex-minister the uprooting of Health Eidy Roca, after much insistence, for a period of 30 days.

However, in his resolution, the judge also defined that “two solvent guarantors that cover the amount of Bs 70,000 each, in case of flight of the accusedin order to procure his capture”, for which he was granted a period of only 24 hours.

The ex-authority of the management of Jeanine Áñez is prosecuted for the case of the Chinese respirators and, while serving a house arrest order, she insistently asked that they grant her the possibility of leaving the country to attend to her health because she suffers from a degenerative disease .

Even, Roca at the time sent a letter to President Luis Arce to ask him to let her leave the country.

Now we are presenting the “order to uproot Migration so that it can be executed in the system and already pass the data on to all the airports” because Roca’s trip is scheduled for tomorrow night, his lawyer informed before entering the offices of the Directorate of Migration.

It is “a matter of life and death.”, It’s an emergency; So, I hope that here they can also understand us and speed it up (the process). My sister is in quite deteriorated health, getting worse every day, due to lack of treatment; our hope is that the disease can be stopped a bit, (although) It is already known that this disease is terminal and incurable.“, lament.

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