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Editrudis Beltrán proposes to reduce the teaching load at the UASD

Editrudis Beltrán proposes to reduce the teaching load at the UASD

Santo Domingo – The candidate for rector of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), Editrudis Beltrán, considered this Wednesday that the faculty of that high house of studies is affected by an erroneous policy in the design and distribution of the academic load that significantly reduces the quality of the entire process.

“It is anti-pedagogical for a teacher to exhaust more than 40 hours of work a week, which is the reality of the full-time Uasdian teacher,” said Beltrán.

He explained that a credit is an hour for the student, however, when it comes to practical subjects, a credit is equivalent to two hours for the teaching staff.

He added that this situation forces a significant number of UASD teachers, in the interest of completing the 40 credits, to be forced to combine theoretical, practical and laboratory activities, which commonly involves up to 70 hours of teaching at week.

He insisted that in order to understand the underlying problem, it is necessary to analyze the compendium of activities that a teacher must attend to when assuming responsibility for a subject, which is not limited to the time in front of the student, in face-to-face or virtual mode.

Beltrán emphasized that in order to measure the workload of a university professor, it is necessary to consider the time invested in research, management, administrative matters, tutorials, class preparation, student supervision, work correction.

“The reality is that the teaching staff of the UASD, for the most part, operates overloaded and I want to warn about the implications that this administrative-managerial distortion supposes for the health of our teachers,” he added.

Beltrán announced that together with his team he has analyzed this problem and developed a plan to mitigate it, “We have analyzed it very carefully and we believe that it is possible to apply a program for the gradual dismantling of the teaching load until teachers achieve the academic objective. without exceeding 32 hours of work”, he indicated.

“It is part of the transformations that we are going to promote once we assume the governance of the academy and put this issue on the discussion table until consensus is established,” said Editrudis.

Likewise, he announced that his aspiration is to preserve the integral health of the teachers and create the conditions so that they can offer the best of themselves to the students, thus benefiting the entire academic community.

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