Editrudis Beltrán se perfila favorito para ganar rectoría UASD

Editrudis Beltrán is emerging favorite to win UASD rectory

Santo Domingo.- The elections at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) are scheduled for June 15, in which the new authorities will be elected who will direct the destinies of the academy for the next four years.

Editrudis Beltrán, within its action plan, proposes the general reorganization and the elimination of economic corporations, these are the two points that will initiate the great changes in the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) as of June 15.

He stated that his administration will have 23 other aspects that will be developed throughout his administration.

Beltrán also points out that participation, transparency, governance and equity will be the characteristics of the management model to which he is committed.

He stated that his management will be directed by the university family and the Dominican people, for which a management will be developed that will take the pride of the Uasdiano to the top.

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Argument in which the uasdiano collective loudly demands that those who conspire against academic, moral and institutional stability be expelled.

The candidate noted that his team has the political will and the courage to take the institutional measures to put a stop to the incursion of the consortiums that feed off of the academy.

The Uasd, you have about 8 faculties in the central headquarters; 19 between regional campuses and various institutes.

The Autonomous University of Santo Domingo is the oldest university in the new world, created by decree by José Gabriel García and Emiliano Tejera on December 31, 1866 under the name of Professional Institute, receiving its current name in 1914.

She is considered the heiress of the Gemrales Studies of the Dominican Convent of 1518, and of the Santo Tomás de Aquino University that was created by the papal bull In Apostolatus Culmine on October 28, 1538.


The Uasd has a Gallery of ex-rectors, the first of them being Julio César Castaños Espaillat (1966-1968); Andres Aybar Nicolas (1968-1970); Rafael Kasse Minutes (1970-1972); Jotin Cury (1972-1974); Hugo Tolentino Dipp (19764-1976); Guarocuya Batista del Villar (1976-1978), Antonio Rosario (1978-1981) and José Joaquín Bidó Medina (1981-1984).

Fernando Sánchez Martínez (1984-1987); Franklin Almeyda Rancier (1987-1990); Julio Ravelo Astacio, (1990-1993); Roberto Santana Sanchez (1993-1996); Edylberto Cabral Ramírez (1996-1999); engineer Miguel Rosado Montes de Oca (1999-2002); Porfirio Garcia (2002-2005); Roberto Reyna (2005-2008); Franklin Garcia Fermin (2008-2011); Mateo Aquino Febrillet (2011- 2014. Murdered); Ivan Grullon Fernandez (2014-2018); Emma Polanco Melo (2018-2022), is the only woman to hold the position in the history of the Uasd.

At this time, the candidates to lead the academy, Edutrudis Bentran, and Jorge Asjana, are in the final stage of their campaign in an attempt to win over followers and convert them into votes that translate into victory for the rectory, so far, who has the possibilities to achieve the feat, is Editrudis Beltrán, who, if he won these academic elections on June 15, would become the 23rd rector in the history of the UASD.

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