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Editorial Betania offers 37 titles by Cuban authors for free download

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MADRID, Spain.- Editorial Betania, based in Madrid, recently published a Catalogue of electronic books by Cuban authors, some of them banned on the island or exiled.

The Betania Digital Collection archive brings together 37 books in PDF format and can be read or downloaded for free from the EBETANIA blog. As defined by the editorial itself, this is the result of work carried out between 2011 and 2023.

The collection includes The book of imaginary conversionsby Jorge Luis Arcos; The crystals that pierce you, of Lina de Feria and the language of dumbof Dolphin Prats. The first edition of the latter, which won the David Award from the official Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) in 1968, was censored and destroyed by the Cuban government.

Two books on Gastón Baquero are also available: Gaston Baquero. The man who longed for the stars, by Carlos Barbachano; and Conversations with Gastón Baqueroby Felipe Lazaro.

Memories can also be discarded today like yesterdayby Antonio Guedes; the tales Nostalgia, irony and other hallucinationsby Amir Valle; and studies on the work of José Martí.

Editorial Betania was founded in Madrid by Cuban writer Felipe Lázaro in 1987. Felipe Lázaro went into exile in Puerto Rico in 1960, where he stayed until 1967, when he moved to the Spanish capital.

As defined by the publishing label, Betania was founded “as a publishing house at the service of Hispanic-American culture and, with that central purpose, it began publishing Spanish and Hispanic-American authors.”

Although in general it is dedicated to Spanish-American culture, from its origins it specialized in Cuban themes. Since its foundation, it has published more than 100 Cuban authors, including: Dulce María Loynaz, Reinaldo Arenas, Matías Montes Huidobro, Daína Chaviano, Roberto Cazorla, Bladimir Zamora, Ricardo Riverón Rojas and Nelson Simón.

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