Edila of the FA who stabbed a person resigned from the Socialist Party

The Socialist Party (PS) accepted this Sunday the resignation of Ana María Díaz, the mayor of Colonia located after having stabbed and seriously left a woman last Friday night in Carmelo.

“Given the current situation, the departmental leadership of the Socialist Party has decided to accept the resignation presented by comrade Ana María Díaz Franggi from the Socialist Party and to proceed with her resignation from the Broad Front “said in the statement from the Frente Amplio sector released by The Digital Colony

The incident occurred around 8:00 p.m., when the 57-year-old departmental mayor arrived at the home of the 32-year-old victim and they argued. The aggressor left her serious after taking a knife that he carried in his wallet and wounding her in the face and chest.

The Socialists reaffirmed “the total and absolute condemnation of any type of violence (…) in the understanding that no conflict should be resolved by resorting to it” and declared “deep pain and dismay at the events that occurred.” “Our solidarity with the victim, with his family, friends and colleagues, expressing our wishes for a speedy recovery,” they said in the statement.

If we were tolerant or indifferent to violence, we would be justifying the unjustifiable and aggravating the situation of the most vulnerable “, ended the PS.

Prosecutor María Eugenia Rodríguez will take a statement this Monday from two witnesses who were present at the time of the attack, police sources reported to The Observer.

In the house at the time of the incident there was a man and a friend of the mayor who was the one who took the injured person to the local hospital in her car.

Although the mayor was summoned without a date, she is expected to testify to the prosecution this week, sources close to the case added. The investigation indicates that it was an attempted murder.

Díaz was voted to be a member of the Frente Amplio mayor’s bench during the current period –since 2020–. Before that, he was a mayor between 2005 and 2010, and a deputy mayor between 2015 and 2020.

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