Edil Gabbian: "Repair of public office sidewalks had a positive response from the BPS"

Edil Gabbian: “Repair of public office sidewalks had a positive response from the BPS”

A new positive response came from a concern presented to the Colonia Departmental Board by the mayor Gabriel Gabbiani (Colorado Party – Ciudadanos).

In this case, it is the one referring to the repair of “sidewalks in poor condition” that “are a constant throughout the department,” as the mayor had pointed out in the session on March 6.

Gabbiani then recalled that “although the Building Ordinance (2015) establishes the obligation to build and maintain sidewalks in good condition for the owners of vacant or built properties facing public roads in urban and unconsolidated urban areas whose road has a curb and gutter (regardless of its paving), the truth is that not infrequently public companies, in order to make improvements, break them and on some occasions the quality of the repair does not come close to the good condition that it should have” .

“In particular, we are concerned about the poor condition of the sidewalks of many public offices, particularly those attended especially by older people, who could perfectly be in adequate condition if they complied with the current ordinance. For these reasons, we require the Administration and administrative offices, and the Municipalities, to comply with the aforementioned ordinance, and to transmit this request to the offices of Ministries, Autonomous Entities and Decentralized Services of the department of Colonia”, pointed out the mayor.

The first public office to pick up the gauntlet was the Banco de Previsión Social (BPS), which by virtue of the request made by mayor Gabbiani carried out a survey of all its departmental offices. The same, signed by the architect Verónica Olivera, divides them into three states:

1. Properties in which no intervention is required: Carmelo, Nueva Palmira and Tarariras. The sidewalks of these premises are in good condition.

2. Properties that require partial intervention: Juan Lacaze, Colonia Miguelete, Nueva Helvecia and Rosario. “These partial interventions have a limited scope, since the state is regular and it is necessary to replace loose or missing tiles in one or more sectors, parts of cordon and cordon of trees,” says the report.

3. Properties that require total intervention: Colonia del Sacramento, Colonia Valdense and Ombúes de Lavalle. “The interventions in these buildings are comprehensive. It is required to redo the entire sidewalk. The execution of the works will be managed,” the text states.

The report was endorsed by the Architecture Management, and complemented by the Administration Management, which informed that “the call for the contracting of the execution of the repair or replacement works of the pavement of sidewalks that require intervention is being processed with the No. 2023-28-CR-05895, estimating that “the works will culminate by the end of September 2023.”

Let others imitate the BPS

Informed of the transfer of the pension agency, Gabbiani was “extremely pleased with the quick response, since the bureaucracy often does its thing and the times of state agencies are not the times of the people, who often need things from a fast and expeditious way. This is just a little step that, as Batllistas, we take in an attempt to help the citizens, because that is our task”.

“We are very happy with this decision of the BPS to be executive, and we hope that those same resolution and speed are imitated by the other public departments, by UTE, OSE, ANTEL, police departments, schools, high schools, technical schools and, above all, everything, by the City Hall itself and the municipalities of Colonia”, concluded Gabbiani.

Secretary’s report of the departmental mayor Gabriel Gabbianni (PC-Ciudadanos)

Edil Gabbian: "Repair of public office sidewalks had a positive response from the BPS"

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