Entregan piñatas a comunidades para celebración del Día del Niño en Caracas

Communities receive piñatas to celebrate Children’s Day in Caracas

The public servants of the mayor’s office of the Libertador de Caracas municipality, delivered the piñatas containing toys, sweets and joy to each community of the parishes, which arrive aboard the “TransCaracas” transport units, for the celebration of Children’s Day and La Niña, this Sunday, July 16.

The information was released by the mayor, Carmen Melendez, through the social network Twitter @gestionperfecta, in which he expressed: “We continue to deliver piñatas to the communities of Caracas for the celebration of Children’s Day. There will be 2,000 that will celebrate uptown, with their toys, sweets and happiness”.

On July 13 of this year, the government authorities of the capital city presented the agenda of activities for the celebration of Children’s Day. “These activities will take place in the museums, in the communities, in the 22 parishes, in the different parks and boulevards (…)”.

He explained that the parks are going to dress up as children and fantasy, thus preparing a wonderful agenda for the enjoyment of the little ones, but also for the family, to share in all cultural sectors.



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