Carilda Oliver Labra (1922-2018). Foto: RHC.

Ediciones Vigía will present a book by Carilda Oliver Labra at the Havana Fair

Poetryby Carilda Oliver Labra, will distinguish Ediciones Vigía, from Matanzas, at the 30th Havana International Book Fair, to be held from April 20 to 30.

The designer of booth, Marialva Ríos, said that the text Carilda inspires visuality; a female figure is recreated accompanied by the oil lamp, which is the symbol of Vigía, and in the flame of the lamp there are images of Matanzas, its bridges, its cathedral and other spaces.

Likewise, he expressed that several elements of the author’s daily life, such as cats and flowers, are included in the visual composition and that the purple color predominates for one of her verses: By powerful blood I am called / to a constant heartbeat of tremors. / I have remained in that flight from the flowers / in that end of touched solitude.

Vigía Editions Books. Photo: University of Notre Dame.

“In the year of the centenary of her birth, Vigía could not ignore the commemoration and in the fairgrounds in La Cabaña readers will find a space of evident tribute to Carilda from the artisanal essence of Vigía,” said Ríos.

He also stressed that details are being finalized in the unique copies that will make up an exhibition also dedicated to the author with an inauguration scheduled on the occasion of the chapter of the Book Fair in Matanzas.

This 30th edition of the Havana Fair will be a tribute to Carilda Oliver Labra and Jesús Orta Ruiz (the Naborí Indian) and will also be dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the publication of the ismaelillo by Jose Marti.

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