Edgar Concori: The priority for the next authority must be to complete the hospital

Edgar Concori: The priority for the next authority must be to complete the hospital

The executive director of the Hipólito Unanue Edgar Coaquira hospital lamented that the construction of the new hospital has not been completed in this management of which he is a part and which is led by Governor Juan Tonconi Quispe. The hospital was to be delivered in 2019 but from its beginnings it suffered stoppages until in July 2020 the contract with the construction company Consorcio Salud Tacna was rescinded.

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“It is unfortunate, unfortunate, I know that there were good intentions, I know that there were many intentions to complete the hospital, unfortunately his technical team did not accompany him,” he emphasized.

Problem for next authority

At the same time, he clarified that the staff of the hospital as a user area do not intervene in the bidding, execution or supervision of the work, they only express the need for a hospital.

“It seems to me that when the governor entered he already found this legal problem that the new authority will find, but he must use his good offices and good technicians to unblock it and restart construction”he stated.

Category III-2 Hospital

The new building was going to be category III-1, with which new specialties were going to be offered, such as hematology services, oncology, chemotherapy rooms, neurosurgery and subspecialties such as hand surgery.

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He said that he has not been aware of the proposals on the health issue of the candidates for the Regional Government but he made a request.

“The main and first work that they must execute is the culmination of our hospital, life is priceless, even if they build a 30 million building if a person dies that is priceless, I consider that the regional authority that is elected in the second round , because I believe that it will be so, the first thing that must be executed is the culmination of our beloved hospital”remarked the doctor.

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