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EDE tender represents more than 30% of current electricity generation

The three electricity distribution companies (EDE) presented a tender for the sale of between 700 and 800 megawatts of energy, guaranteeing the generator that results from contracting a contract term of 180 months (15 years).

Through the international public tender for the new generation, identified as EDES-LPI-NG-03-2021, the Unified Council of Distribution Companies (CUED) specifies that the process is exclusively reserved for projects that generate natural gas-based combined cycle.

Among other requirements detailed by the CUED in the bidding conditions are that they be two units, with a minimum capacity of 350 megawatts and a maximum of 400 megawatts (net power) each, for a total power to contract of a minimum of 700 and a maximum of 800 megawatts plus or minus 5%.

In addition, it is specified that the plant must have the minimum natural gas supply facilities for its uninterrupted operation, guaranteeing safe and efficient operation.

The new energy tender would involve more than 30% of the current generation of the National Interconnected Electric System (SENI), according to the Coordinating Body’s records.

Last December the Edeeste, Edesur Y Edenorte, through CUED, launched a tender for the sale of 400 megawatts of power and electric power, a process in which 12 generating companies presented their credentials.

For the current tender for the sale of between 700 and 800 megawatts of electric power Those interested have a deadline for their registration on February 9, projecting the act of receiving offers and opening the envelopes with non-economic offers for May 18, 2022.

According to a paid space, those interested in participating in the power purchase and sale process and electric power, delivered through long-term contracts, must make a payment of US $ 5,000.

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