EcoRodovias wins road auction Rio – Governador Valadares

EcoRodovias wins road auction Rio – Governador Valadares

The EcoRodovias Company won today (20) the auction for the concession to the private sector of the Rio de Janeiro – Governador Valares (MG) road system, formed by sections of BR 116, BR 465 and BR 493. The company, which was the only one to present proposals, offered a discount of 3.11%. The maximum foreseen in the public notice was 17.5%. There was no offer of grant value, as allowed by the public notice.EcoRodovias wins road auction Rio – Governador Valadares

The concession contract will be for 30 years and the road system will cover a total length of 726.9 kilometers (km). According to the National Land Transport Agency (ANTT), it is the only route, from the city of Rio de Janeiro, available around the Guanabara Bay, allowing access to the Lagos region, in the north of the state. , and the North and Northeast regions of the country.

The investments that the winning company must make, over the 30 years of the concession, total R$ 11.3 billion. Operating expenses – operating costs, mandatory expenses and the set of insurance and guarantees – are estimated at R$9.8 billion.

According to ANTT, the main improvements to be implemented are 303.2 km of duplication works, 255.2 km of additional lanes, 85.5 km of marginal roads, 75 footbridges, 57 fauna crossings, 462 bus stops, 1,600 km of cycle paths.

The User Assistance Service (SAU) will have 29 ambulances, 7 heavy tow trucks, 12 light tow trucks, 5 water trucks, and 5 animal rescue trucks. The generation of 154,719 direct, indirect and income-effect jobs is expected.

The prices of the basic toll tariffs, even without considering the 3.11% discount, foreseen for the 12 toll plazas that will operate on the stretch, vary – in the initial period of the concession – from R$ 8.10, in the Orizânia toll plaza. (MG), at R$ 17.48, in the Itaboraí square (RJ).

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