Economy Commission approves proposal that grants canon for the people

Economy Commission approves proposal that grants canon for the people

The approved this Wednesday -unanimously- the opinion that seeks to expand the authorized uses for resources from the canon, on canon and royalties destined for subnational governments.

According to the initiative, called canon for the people, it seeks to contribute to the reduction of poverty and extreme poverty in the country.

The proposal is divided into two approaches, one on closing gaps and the other on conditional transfers for vulnerable populations.

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The canon for the people proposes requirements to be a beneficiary of a monetary allocation: to be Peruvian by birth, to have five years of residence in the locality where the mining and/or gas exploitation is located, and to be in a situation of poverty or extreme poverty.

The opinion in reference includes six proposals that prioritize the canon for the people.

In this regard, congresswoman Nilza Chacón (Popular Force), one of the authors of the initiatives, expressed her satisfaction that, within the use of the canon, exceptionally, 30% could be used to finance pre-investment studies and implementation of programs to combat anemia and purchase of equipment for hospitals and regular education.

Meanwhile, her bench partner Rosangella Barbarán highlighted the importance of the proposal because it will lift thousands of Peruvians out of poverty and extreme poverty and act more efficiently without generating a permanent subsidy. She proposed that the benefit expire when the person reaches a better state of life.


Congresswoman Dina Calle presented an initiative so that workers who have CTS can withdraw 100% of the money. The objective of this measure is “to alleviate the family economy affected by the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic”. Here we tell you all the details.

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