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CNN journalist cuts an interview with Celeste Amarilla for politicizing the death of prosecutor Pecci

CNN communicator Fernando del Rincón suddenly stopped the interview with deputy Celeste Amarilla, for irresponsibly trying to link former president Horacio Cartes with the crime of prosecutor Marcelo Pecci. “We are not here to campaign,” she warned him respectfully before cutting off contact.

The PLRA legislator, Celeste Amarilla, was interviewed last night by the CNN channel, in the program of the renowned journalist Fernando del Rincón. In the first few minutes, she Yellow told data about the case, but she quickly went on to mention hypotheses and links that not even the investigators have yet managed.

“Forgive me, deputy, with all responsibility, we are here to talk about the murder of prosecutor Marcelo Pecci, with all due respect I tell you, not to campaign against former president Cartes,” said Fernando del Rincón to stop the liberal parliamentarian’s speech.

He clarified that, although his words are his personal responsibility, the transmission of the program and the content are also the responsibility of the journalist, which forces him to lead the thread of the conversation.

“What you have been doing here for a moment is trying to somehow present former President Cartes as something that can link him to the violence coming out of Colombia in a particular case and I cannot allow it, deputy,” said the journalist.

He thanked him for the first part of the talk, in which he gave information about the crime itself, but reiterated that the subsequent statements completely deviated from the main topic. “I am very sorry, but I have to say goodbye to her, because that was not what the interview was about.”

Celeste Amarilla was disoriented and in the end she was unable to conclude the contact or continue the dialogue with the color she was looking for.

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