Economy and the IMPI reduce the cost of the procedure for patent registration by 90%

Economy and the IMPI reduce the cost of the procedure for patent registration by 90%

This campaign, an initiative of Secretary Tatiana Clouthier, is part of the 2022 economic reactivation program.

With this program that will last a month, detailed Jesús Cantú, head of the SE’s Unit for Regulations, Competitiveness and Competition, for a month the MSMEs will only pay a tenth of the cost of registering a brand. “If we are successful, you can probably even think about making it recurring or looking for different moments.”

Mipymes represent 50% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and create 70% of jobs, said Jesús Cantú, head of the SE’s Regulatory, Competitiveness and Competition Unit.

In Economy there are two great priorities: to promote the development of MSMEs, the cornerstone of any economy, and to implement public policies and actions that achieve the economic reactivation of the country hand in hand with state governments, Cantú stressed.

In his speech, Carlos García, president of the Mexican Association of Secretaries of Economic Development (AMSDE), pointed out that intellectual property rights is an element that MSMEs must consider.

“We consider this differential price campaign to be extremely valuable, giving entrepreneurs the shielding of their ideas, their creativity, at a very low cost,” said García, while pointing out that, from the states, they work with SMEs in two aspects: the use of trade agreements and their inclusion in global production chains, according to the current international economic reconfiguration of some productive sectors.

“The promotion of the price differential campaign in brand registration is an excellent complement to the efforts we are making in the states to provide Mipymes with efficient opportunities, and within the economic reactivation plan, seeking to generate jobs and income from a stable way”, assured the head of the AMSDE.

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