Economy and Amazon sign agreement to support Mexican MSMEs

Economy and Amazon sign agreement to support Mexican MSMEs

The document, signed at the Summit of the Americas, has among its objectives the promotion of MSME exports so that they increase their marketing channels, taking their products to the United States through the Amazon global program.

At the end of 2021, more than 20% of Mexican sellers offered their products on the Amazon site in the United States, the statement highlights.

The second objective is to integrate artisan companies into the Amazon handmade category, which has 3,000 artisans and a section of more than 160,000 handmade producers on the Amazon site.

Secretary Clouthier, along with Foreign Minister Mardelo Ebrard, met last night in Los Angeles, California, with Mexican businessmen from the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) and the American Chamber of Commerce.

At the meeting, it was agreed to work together in order to take advantage of the competitive advantages that North America offers, as a region, as well as the growing interest of foreign businessmen in Mexico, the latter with the aim of increasing investment and jobs in Mexico.

Businessmen Francisco Cervantes, president of the CCE, and Vladimiro de la Mora, president of Amcham, among others, participated in the meeting.

The collaboration between the SE and Amazon will include a comprehensive training and support strategy in the digitization process aimed at Mipymes who want to learn to sell through e-commerce at the national level, those who want to make the leap to export through the online platform and, finally, craft companies interested in expanding their sales channels.

The best way to promote job creation and promote competitiveness in the country, assured the Clouthier secretary, is through strengthening MSMEs and their insertion in foreign trade.

“At Amazon we focus on helping MSMEs grow. We are proud to continue strengthening relationships like this with the Mexican Ministry of Economy, which allow us to contribute to the growth of companies by providing training and support on digitization and export issues for MSMEs, key processes for their development”, said Sarah Jane Gunter , Vice President of Consumer Affairs for Latin America for Amazon.



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