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Economist Andrea Repetto goes for Approval: “If the Rejection is won, it seems very unlikely that there will be reforms”

On Monday, July 4, the Constitutional Convention delivered the proposal for a new Constitution. After this fact, various representatives have expressed their position in the face of the exit plebiscite on September 4.

One of these was the economist Andrea Repetto, who confirmed that she will go for the “I approve” option for the new Constitution.

“I approve, because in my opinion Chile needs to overcome a certain stagnation and really make progress in areas as important as social rights and decentralization,” he told La Tercera.

Along the same lines, he argued that “the difficulties in creating a health fund, making Sernac effective, implementing the original design of gratuity and granting union ownership in the adaptability of the working day, are an example of impediments of the current Constitution that now can be circumvented.”

“There are valid reasons to reject and to approve, if the Rejection is won, it seems very unlikely that there will be reforms. The right has the key, and beyond Javier Macaya, there does not seem to be anyone more credibly interested in advancing,” he added.

Regarding the new Fundamental text, he stated that he finds it positive to “implement a social and democratic State of rights, advance in decentralization, gender equality, recognition of native peoples, care for nature and the rights of minorities and that water is non-marketable.”

“I am concerned that we have missed the opportunity to reform the political system in a way that promotes cooperation and effectiveness, and reduces fragmentation,” he concluded.

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