Economic bids open for the civil works of the Néstor Kirchner Gas Pipeline

Economic bids open for the civil works of the Néstor Kirchner Gas Pipeline

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The company Energía Argentina (Enarsa) opened the economic offers for the construction of the civil works of the Presidente Néstor Kirchner Gas Pipeline.

On this occasion, the economic proposals corresponding to lines 1 and 5 of the Public Tender GPNK 07/2022 “Engineering, supply of equipment and materials, construction – President Néstor Kirchner Gas Pipeline and complementary works Stage I” were opened.

Line 1 corresponds to the construction of 220 kilometers of pipeline that extend between the connection to the TGS system (at the Treatayén Conditioning Plant) to kilometer 220 of the gas pipeline route, located in La Pampa.

Meanwhile, Line 5 corresponds to the Mars 100 Compressor Plant at the head of the Mercedes-Cardales gas pipeline in the province of Buenos Aires.

For Line 1, the bids technically admitted were those submitted by the Techint-Sacde joint venture and that of BTU SA.

Regarding Line 5, the offers submitted by Esuco SA and BTU SA were technically admitted.

The president of Enarsa, Agustín Gerez, affirmed that “with a lot of dedication, effort and commitment we are carrying out the final part of the bidding process for this important work, this time opening the first lines, which we will be awarding in the coming days while we finish to open the remaining ones, completing this process during August, as planned”.

He also stressed that the Néstor Kirchner Gas Pipeline “is the great work of transformation for the future of our country because it will allow us to access more energy at competitive prices, promoting production and work, as well as the substitution of gas imports and export to the region and the world”.

On July 18, Enarsa carried out the opening of envelopes with offers for the acquisition of valves for the Presidente Néstor Kirchner Gas Pipeline and its complementary works corresponding to Stage I.

Previously, on July 8, envelope 1 of the bids for the engineering, supply of equipment, materials and construction of the Presidente Néstor Kirchner Gas Pipeline was opened, and on June 16 the contract was signed with the SIAT company for the supply of 36 and 30 inch pipes.

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The Presidente Néstor Kirchner Gas Pipeline, which is part of the Transport.Ar Program, will have an extension of 573 kilometers between the Neuquén town of Treatyén and Salliqueló, in the west of the province of Buenos Aires, crossing Río Negro and La Pampa.

The project also includes complementary works such as the Mercedes-Cardales gas pipeline and the Neuba II gas pipeline loop, thus totaling 680 kilometers of pipes in Stage I.

This infrastructure work will allow a 25% increase in the capacity of the Argentine natural gas transportation system. It will also be essential for the development of production in Vaca Muerta.

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