ECLAC highlights the DR with the lowest reports for water service

ECLAC highlights the DR with the lowest reports for water service

Regarding the declaration of expenditure on household water supply services, the Dominican Republic and Uruguay are the countries that register the lowest proportion of households with spent direct by him water serviceaccording to the recent report “Stratification and social classes in Latin America” ​​by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC).

The international organization highlights that, of 10 countries analyzed during the last 20 years, the Dominican homes are the ones that report the lowest proportion of expenses for water consumption, with a 47%and a distribution in direct association with the spending strata.

In it document exposed by the statistical survey, the average expenditure of households by purpose of consumption is considered: food, education, health, housing and transportation, with which it compares the out-of-pocket expenditure of households by economic income according to income strata high, medium and low.

The Dominican Republic surpasses Uruguay, an economy that presents a significantly lower declaration in the lower strata compared to the rest of the countries, standing between 11 and 26.3 percentage points below the average for the group of countries in the “poverty” and “extreme poverty” strata, respectively.

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educational spending

By disaggregating the information regarding teaching preschool and primary school, the country has concentrated a high proportion of households from low strata in said educational level, reaching an average for the three strata of 45.2%.

This situation is complemented by the case of the secondary education where, on average, 19.3% of Dominican households in said strata have some level of declared spending,” says the report.

Generally speaking, the ECLAC highlights a change in the statistics of economic income of the countries in the region, in which people in the middle class registered better incomes since the COVID-19 pandemic.

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