Echoes of Tivolí, 30 years of extolling music in Cuba

About to complete 30 years, the Septeto Ecos del Tivolí today maintains its devotion to the best traditional Cuban music, thanks to which it has won various awards and public acceptance.

Jorge F. Cambet, director of the group, informed Prensa Latina that they are working on the eighth album, which under the title Patrimonial drink will show a fresher and more contemporary cut, without abandoning the sound seal that distinguishes them.

Made independently, the plate will include songs by Jorge Javier González from Santiago with arrangements by the composer Esteban Blanco and the sights set on the dancers from the son, the changüí, the guajira and the conga, the musician pointed out.

The name of this production reaffirms the international and patrimonial character of coffee as a beverage that transcends geographical and cultural borders, said the group’s leader.

Referring to the “matamorino” style, alluding to Miguel Matamoros, the Cuban artist who became a constant inspiration in his career, mentioned the fusion of the voice duo with the parades of the tres, which at certain times includes the cuatro and in the beginning the requinto. with percussive wilt.

With six nominations and two Cubadisco awards, the main national discography contest, Ecos del Tivolí dedicated a tribute phonogram to Rafael Hernández, the popular creator from Puerto Rico, which featured the collaboration of famous interpreters from that country.

In the seventh discographic incursion, for the fourth time they returned to the legacy of the creator of The one who sows his corn and Juramento, after the group’s first in 1999, named A Matamoros, and the second, from Matamoros to Guillén, on the centenary of the National Poet. Cuban.

In Si de son se tú, from 2013, with Pancho Amat as producer and in charge of Bis Music, 8 of the 13 songs correspond to the authorship of Matamoros and one to Siro, one of the members of the trio along with Rafael Cueto, with notes by the renowned Santiago journalist Reinaldo Cedeño.

As part of the 59th edition of the Pepe Sánchez Trova Festival, about to begin in the city, the group will receive a well-deserved tribute, offer concerts and donate part of its discography to the Pablo Hernández Balaguer Music Museum.

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