Echoes of Jazz Plaza: is there room for jazz?

The question about the spaces that jazz finds in today’s world, a world marked by diversity, but unfortunately easy on many occasions, found a unanimous answer: there is always room for creation.

The prominent percussionist Oliver Valdés explained that “due to problems that we all know, perhaps the music that comes from Cuba is not distributed to the level that it should be, for many reasons, but that there is a market that is in need of a little more Cuban jazz or more of our music in general exists and I think it’s in our hands to take it, that’s why we’re making records and everything we do”.

Before, he had highlighted the acceptance and recognition that the creation and the creators of this island receive in the world:

“When you arrive anywhere in the world, the simple fact of being a Cuban musician, no matter where you come from, even before listening to the music you make, the fact of being a Cuban musician already generates interest, there is already talk of a level musical, intellectual. So, when they see the music, when they see the proposals, of course they are well received”.

His colleague, guitarist Dayron Ortiz, is also optimistic: “It is true that today the music market, in my humble opinion, is a bit complex, due to new trends and new genres, but I think we have to focus and defend music, jazz, rock, pop, whatever one determines to do and give it a hard time. There is always an audience that is waiting for this type of music.”

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