Easter eggs: how much do they cost, where to buy and when do they sell the most?

Chocolate consumption peaks at Easterwhen Easter is celebrated. Is that on Sunday Easter eggs are made a place at family tables and days before, supermarkets and chocolate shops take the opportunity to sell these products.

The company dedicated to the sale of chocolate You will return to me put the Easter eggs on sale the first week of March and, since then, received inquiries through social networks and even made the first sales. However, the owner of the chocolate shop, Pablo Migliani, assured that Uruguayans tend to leave everything until the last minute, so expect more movement during Easter.

“Expectations for Easter are always high,” Migliani said.

He assured that even though there are many people who travel, those who stay in the capital have a high level of purchase.

Like Migliani, Monica Sniadower started the chocolate egg sales campaign a while back. In mid-March, Quiero Chocolate Uy received advance orders and offered specialized attention for companies.

During the three weeks that the Easter eggs were on sale, the Sniadower chocolate shop achieved a good level of sales: “We almost reached the goal set for this Easter,” he said. While, I want Chocolate Uy sold 80% of what was planned, and from the brand they hope that the remaining 20% ​​will be gone by midweek.

For his part, the director of El Clon supermarkets, Evaristo González, has expectations of a good sale with a focus on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week. “It is the perfect combination between Easter and the best time to sell chocolate, which begins when the first cold temperatures appear,” said González.

Asked if the loss of purchasing power harmed the marketing of these products, the director of El Clone assured that this did not affect sales or the way of buying.

Regarding the type of sale, González said that at first small eggs are sold 一the offer has been available for two weeks一, and on the date the largest ones are sold to share at family lunches.

Following the same line, from Tienda Inglesa they told Coffee & Business that the sales curve grows a lot towards the end of the week since customers make the largest purchases in this week.

“We have very good expectations since this year, unlike what happened in 2021, families will have the opportunity to get together and that means greater consumption because Easter eggs become a present to share,” they said from Tienda Inglesa.

As a result of the success of last year’s sale, the firm decided to increase its stock related to this holiday by 20%. A to date, about a third of the total available was sold. In addition to the usual assortment, they put special emphasis on their own brand with products made by master chocolatiers from Belgian chocolate certified with the Cacao Trace seal.

easter egg prices

You’ll Come Back to Me has an offer of private Easter eggs. In addition to being pure chocolate, the brand is distinguished by the designs that, according to Migliani, are: “Modern, decorated by hand and with different types of chocolate.” Prices range from $500 to $2,900.

Easter eggs: how much do they cost, where to buy and when do they sell the most?

Easter egg from the chocolate shop You will return to me

Although it is a time when people buy all kinds of chocolates, in Volverás a Mí the best sellers are usually the medium-sized ones (approximately 500 grams), and in semi-sweet chocolate.

Regarding the level of sales, Migliani said they are above last year, but that they will only have a clearer number at the end of the week.

In Quiero Chocolate Uy the options for Easter are between $495 and $1700. “We offer a wide range of prices so that people have access to taste a high-quality product such as pure chocolate,” said Sniadower.

In this chocolate shop the best-selling eggs are both 250 grams and 500 grams, both hand-painted. These are exclusive brand products, following the same line as the chocolates they sell the rest of the year.

The Clone has a very wide range of prices, which ranges from $60 to $600. The best-selling Easter egg is the 50 grams and costs $69.

Something similar happens in Tienda Inglesa where there are bunnies and chocolate eggs from $59 and $75 respectively, to handmade Easter eggs 一900 grams一 at $1,200. In this wide-ranging proposal, a product that is the best-selling to date stands out: the self-made chocolate egg that is 220 grams and is sold at $299.

In addition, consumers are asking a lot about the 5-kilogram chocolate egg giveaway.

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