Bonucci, the new 'captain': "The World Cup still hurts us a lot"

“Dybala was carried away by the fact of being the new Messi”

Massimiliano Allegri, coach of Juventus, said on Tuesday that Paulo Dybala “has to be himself again because there was a moment when he got carried away by being the new Messi.”

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Dybala will not continue at Juventus next season after failing to reach an agreement to renew the contract that expires on June 30. The ‘Jewel’ will leave the ‘vecchia signora’ after having won five ‘scudettos, four Coppas and three Supercoppas.

Dybala, in his last game with Juventus, against Fiorentina

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Allegri, his coach until now, believes that Dybala, 28, has a “divine” quality, but that one player cannot think that he is another. “Paulo has to be himself again, there was a moment when he got carried away by the fact that he was the new Messi. A player cannot emulate or think that he is like another,” the Italian coach said in an interview with DAZN.

“Dybala still has a lot to give”

“He still has a lot to give because he has extraordinary technical qualities and plays in a divine way, but he has to refocus on his physical and technical qualities,” Allegri added.

Of Ligt, a head office with market

Of Ligt, future leader of the Juve

Pep Morata (MD)

The losses of Dybala and Giorgio Chiellini leave the leadership of the Turin team in the hands of Leonardo Bonucci, who also picks up Chiellini’s witness in the Italian team. But in the long term Allegri revealed that the Italian Manuel Locatelli and the Dutch Matthijs de Ligt are the future.

Surprised by Danilo’s leadership

“Giorgio (Chiellini) was important in this group, as were Gigi (Buffon) and Marchisio, speaking of the Italians. For the future we already have two leaders, De Ligt and Locatelli. Manuel was an excellent signing and could be the future captain of Juventus, has the technical and moral characteristics to stay here for many years”, explained Allegri, although the Brazilian Danilo has pleasantly surprised him in this regard.

“When Danilo speaks, he is never banal and puts the team first. A true leader is silent, he must speak little and must always put the team in front. And if you do this, it is the team that recognizes you as a leader”, pointed out the technical.


Dusan Vlahović, with Dybala


In addition, Allegri spoke about the star of his project, the Serbian Dusan Vlahovic, and a possible tactical change for the next campaign: “Dusan can also be a leader in his own way. He is loyal, he always wants to win. He will become a leader charismatic on the pitch on a character level. Now we could see a Juve with two wingers…”

The results, what matters

Allegri has received criticism for Juventus’ game, but he prefers to focus on the results: “Playing well is a relative, abstract concept. Everyone wants to do it, but in the end we only remember the bicycle kick made by Cristiano Ronaldo in Turin The one who wins can never play badly, but the one who plays well and loses is criticized because the result does not come”.

And despite finishing fourth in Serie A, he did not feel inferior to any of his rivals: “Milan, Inter and Napoli advanced us in the standings, but they were not superior to us. If we have never won in direct confrontation it means that We lacked something in terms of character or drive.”

Messi, the nailed thorn

The former coach of Milan (2010-14) also took stock of his coaching career, in which he only has one thorn in his side.

“I trained champions like Cristiano Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Ronaldinho, Robinho, Cassano, Seedorf, Pirlo, Buffon… The only one I haven’t trained is Messi,” he said.

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