Iván Duque's analysis of his meeting with Joe Biden

Duque announces reform of the prison system after the escape of ‘Matamba’

In the last few hours, the escape of alias ‘Matamba’, the head of the ‘La Cordillera’ criminal organization from the maximum security pavilion of the National Penitentiary of The Pillory of Bogota.

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Because of this, the president Ivan Duke announced a reform “comprehensive reform of the Colombian penitentiary and prison system in the administrative part” and a plan to recapture alias ‘Matamba’

In dialogue with journalists from the Cartagena Refinery, the Head of State indicated that “there are no more actions of warm water cloths in front of the National Penitentiary and Prison Institute of Colombia (INPEC). We are going to propose a comprehensive reform plan for the Colombian penitentiary and prison system in the administrative part and we are going to work with the government team in that direction.”.

The president clarified that he had spoken with the Attorney General of the NationFrancisco Barbosa, so that the necessary arrests are made of those who caused the escape.

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In addition, Duque stated that “I ordered the Dijin, the Dipol and all the criminal investigation structures to come up with a plan to recapture this bandit.”


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