Dupla Efraín and Estigarribia: a new model for the country

Dupla Efraín and Estigarribia: a new model for the country

Former Colorado senator Hugo Estigarribia met this Tuesday with Liberal President Efraín Alegre to talk about a “new country model” ahead of the 2023 presidential elections.

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According to information from Radio Monumental, Estigarribia said that the country is beyond parties, sectors and interests, referring to the founder of his party, Bernardino Caballero.

“Today the ANR is taken over by affiliated pirates for convenience who emptied it of content and the homeland sunk in narco-politics and corruption,” said Estigarribia.

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On the other hand, the lawyer stressed that the country is very close to a failed state, which reinforces his idea of ​​union with various sectors that can generate positive changes for the nation, regardless of the colors.

«Efraín told me about the agreement and also told me how he is working and organizing his project. It must be understood that we have an important group of Colorados with a critical position towards the current leadership of the party », he sentenced.

In the same way, referring to the management of the current government of the previous administration, he pointed out that it embarrasses the Colorado Republicans, who are mostly characterized by being decent, but do not have the possibility of accessing legislative or executive positions.

“It is a time to move forward, our democracy cannot continue in transition and I was talking to Efraín about all these issues. Within this conversation, logically there is talk of the possibility of a candidacy », he determined.

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