"Due to age", these would be the players of the Colombian National Team who would not play a World Cup again

“Due to age”, these would be the players of the Colombian National Team who would not play a World Cup again

Players of the Colombian National Team.

By then they would have physical difficulties to be able to dispute a demanding orbital appointment.

Colombia News.

Colombia is not going to the Qatar 2022 World Cup. It is a reality, the national team beat Venezuela (0-1) as a visitor but the Peruvian National Team beat Paraguay (2-0) and sealed its qualification for the playoff that is yet to be defined between the United Arab Emirates and Australia.

Now, the ‘Tricolor’ will have to wait for new Qualifiers to aspire to qualify for the World Cup in Mexico-Canada-United States 2026, the next orbital event.

Within another four years, there will be players from the Colombian National Team who will exceed the appropriate age to be able to perform at their best.

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Some of them who have been a figure of the team in other times would no longer be in the national team by then.

Radamel Falcao García is one of them. The top scorer of the ‘Tricolor’ with 35 goals in 90 games is perhaps the first player who would not step foot in a World Cup again.

The samarium is 36 years old and by 2026 he would already be 40, so it would be almost impossible for him to be at a good level at that age, given the demands of modern football: speed and scoring.

Also the injuries that the Colombian forward has been dragging in recent years have been decisive in his game and in his goalscoring ability. Even Falcao could not be against Venezuela because he was injured.

‘Rada’ is currently the captain of the National Team and one of the team’s great references for his leadership. However, his football has been declining as a result of the passing of the years, something normal that cannot be questioned by the Rayo Vallecano player from Spain.

Another of the so-called ‘immovable’ members of the National Team who would no longer be in a World Cup would be Juan Guillermo Cuadrado.

‘El Panita’ is currently 33 years old and for the next World Cup he would be 37.

The Juventus midfielder has shown a very regular level with the National Team and the fans imagine that in four more years, his level will decline.

Several players would not have a chance

Two other players who have said they will not play until old age are midfielders James Rodríguez and Juan Fernandno Quintero.

The first, a midfielder for Al-Rayyan from Qatar, is 30 years old and by then he would be 34, an age at which he could still play but given the conditions and his current football level, it is believed he could leave sports activity very soon.

Meanwhile, Quintero is 29 years old. In 2026 he would be 33, the right age to still play football. However, the River Plate midfielder in Argentina has expressed that he would retire from this sport at an “early” age.

On the other hand, David Ospina and Camilo Vargas, starter and substitute respectively in the National Team goal, could have one more chance, considering that the position in which they play gives them the privilege of being able to cover even older.

Currently, both are 33 years old and for the next orbital appointment they would be 37, a suitable age to still be able to defend the three sticks.

Others who have not been taken into account in recent years and who marked recent history in the National Team are the coastal strikers Teófilo Gutiérrez and Carlos Bacca, at Deportivo Cali and Grananda in Spain, respectively.

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