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Duarte’s second phase begins with Paris

President Luis Abinader and the mayor of the National District, Carolina Mejía led this morning the start of the “Paris and its surroundings” project, in its second stage, which will clean up and improve that area of ​​the capital that for years has been synonymous with chaos. slums, insecurity and overcrowding.

The project, which will have an approximate investment of 415 million pesos, will be carried out in two stages and its purpose is to complete the transformation and definitive beautification of Paris Street and Duarte Avenue and their surroundings in an area of ​​great commercial impact.

Carolina Mejia

It consists of a sequence of interventions of an urban nature in several streets and intersections of the Villa Francisca sector, the establishment of an operational mechanism with regard to urban cleanliness, proper use of public space and citizen security that is sustainable over time and allows to guarantee the order to the chaos generated by the commercial activities that converge with the transit.

In this second stage, Paris Street will be intervened and will be divided into two phases, the first, from the section from Abreu Street to Jacinto de la Concha Street and the second phase, from José Martí Street to Josefa Brea Street.

The intervention includes the construction and renovation of sidewalks, curbs, and ramps for people with disabilities, lighting with LED lamps, installation of a security camera, installation of stations for peddlers, signage, storm drainage, and painting of murals.

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The promoters of the project explained that in Stage 3, the so-called walks of Duarte, Music and Reading will be intervened. This stage is also divided into 2 execution phases: Phase 1, “Paseo de la Duarte” on Duarte Avenue, comprising the section from Paris Street to Mexico Avenue; phase 2, “Paseo de la Música” on Caracas street, including the section from Jacinto de la Concha street to Duarte avenue and finally the “Paseo de la Lectura” on Caracas street, including the section from Duarte avenue to Jose Marti street.

During stage three, the modules and sales stations that are currently in these sections will be replaced, in accordance with the modules and stations of stage two.

President Abinader and ministers José Ignacio Paliza and Jesús Vásquez at the opening ceremony of the second phase of Duarte with Paris.
Duarte’s second phase begins with Paris 3

The company that will be in charge of the execution, IDC Construcciones SRL, was awarded the work by public tender and will have an estimated time between 8 to 9 months, ending in the first quarter of 2023.

They will also build a building for the administrative office managing the project that will house the areas focused on operations, designed to maintain its sustainability over time.

the mayor Carolina Mejia He said that the project will be possible thanks to the support of President Luis Abinader, who has reaffirmed his commitment to materialize this transformation.

The act of beginning of the project took place in the Enriquillo park. The constructions are divided into stages and in turn in phase to intervene in the area.

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