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Drought affects farmers and ranchers of the Northwest Line

Drought affects farmers and ranchers of the Northwest Line

The northwestern fringe, made up of the provinces of Dajabón, Santiago Rodríguez, Valverde and Montecristi, is being affected by a prolonged lack of rain that is ruining the agricultural sector, said residents of those towns.

Residents of Aminilla, Partido, Santa Lucía, Baboso, El Rodeo, El Pino, La Gorra and other demarcations of the provinces that make up the Northwest Line, denounced and demanded that the Government come to their aid in the face of the prolonged drought that affects them and causes their livestock and crops to disappear due to lack of water.

They explained that the situation has disrupted the main economic support of their families. They allege that day after day the milk processors collect from this area the production that supplies the national market, the Dajabón and Santiago Rodríguez markets also receive the fruits they harvest in the field, so that commercial activity is their only source of income. .

As a consequence of the lack of green grass, caused by the drought, milk and meat production has been reduced by more than 30%, they indicated. To alleviate the situation they have seen the need to improvise, they move their cattle to low-lying areas where a little grass appears on some farms, they also use a substitute food, rice straw.

“The ranchers here are going to disappear because of the drought, we ask the Ministry of farming, to the Government, in September of last year, with documents, and they agreed to come to give us a helping hand and they never came, the lagoons were dry, even the sticks are drying up, “said Santiago de Jesús Reyes, rancher.

The lagoons have dried up, while the dams in the area have reduced their flow, such is the case of those of Monción, Chacuey and Maguaca, for this reason many local aqueducts cannot supply drinking water to the population, they said. .

Streets and local roads in poor condition

Ranchers point out that drought Another problem is added, the streets and neighborhood roads in a deplorable state, which prevents development from reaching these localities.

They affirm that only in times of electoral campaigns do they receive the promises of different parties that aspire to come to power with their votes, but then they forget them.

“Please approve the construction of our highway that year after year they tell us is approved and they never carry out this work… we have been claiming this road for more than 20 years, children and older adults are getting sick from the dust,” he stressed. Rosa Peralta, resident of the town.

“We are making a fair claim, we have been fighting for many years, we are many humble ranchers and farmers with limited resources, laborious since dawn to work to milk their cows, how is it possible that they do not take us into account,” said Brunilda Rodríguez , inhabitant of Aminilla.

He is a journalist graduated from O&M, he has practiced journalism since 2005 from Santiago, he likes to serve the best interests of society from his profession

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