Drones and alleged illicit substance seized in La Nueva Joya, Tinajitas and Nueva Esperanza

Two drones, alleged illicit substances and prohibited items, were seized this weekend in the La Nueva Joya, Tinajitas and Nueva Esperanza penitentiary centers, province of Colón.

“In sector B of La Nueva Joya, an unmanned aircraft crashed to the ground during the night, an apparatus that kept cigarettes, lighters, a hacksaw blade and a wrapping of vegetable matter. While in sector D, They frustrated four launches with drones, confiscating cigarettes, lighters, electric heaters and cell phones,” the General Directorate of the Penitentiary System announced.

The entity indicated that in Nueva Esperanza, it was demolished and it kept two packages with presumed illegal substance. While, in Tinajitas, a wrapper with vegetable matter was found, for which he proceeded with the competent authorities to carry out the pertinent tests.
Euclides Joel Castillo G., General Director of the Penitentiary System, stated that these operations, coordinated with the National Police, are part of the reinforcement of security in access controls to penitentiary facilities and in their internal part, to seize items and prohibited substances and in this way maintain healthy coexistence, in addition to fostering an appropriate environment to continue promoting resocialization programs in order to provide tools that allow people deprived of liberty to productively reintegrate into society.

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