Dozens of families are evicted from a usurped land in Mendoza

Dozens of families are evicted from a usurped land in Mendoza

Eviction in the surroundings of the La Favorita neighborhood, in the El Puma sector, former Autodromo Gral San Martin, west of the city of Mendoza

A property located to the west of the City of Mendoza, which had been illegally occupied by dozens of familieswas evicted on Tuesday by police officers and during the operation six people were apprehended, police sources reported.

According to the neighbors, it would be about 135 families who arrived in the area located on the outskirts of the La Favorita neighborhood on February 19 last and, with the use of sticks and nylon, They divided land and built precarious houses.

Moments of tension, clashes with the police and facts of violence were recorded during the massive eviction operation, as could be seen in videos recorded and broadcast by some occupants of the self-styled “February 19” settlement.

For their part, police sources reported that most of the people withdrew peacefully during the morning, but a group of 12 families did not want to withdraw and should have used public force.

In that framework, a man and two women were arrested for disobedience to the authoritywhile three under 17 years They were returned to their family after being transferred to the 6th police station, the sources added.

The Police arrived at the scene on Tuesday morning and mounted an operation that lasted for hours in the surroundings, with several mobiles and dozens of infantry and mounted troops.

The eviction of the usurped land in the area called Puesto El Puma, former Autodromo Gral. San Martín, had been ordered for local justice and the properties remained under police custody.

Eviction of La Favorita, west of the City of Mendoza


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