Double crime of alleged Venezuelan migrants in Arequipa, Peru

Double crime of alleged Venezuelan migrants in Arequipa, Peru

Two alleged Venezuelan migrants, a woman and a man, were tortured, murdered and their bodies abandoned in different locations in the city of Arequipa, in Peru.

A report from the Peruvian newspaper La República reports that nine bullet wounds were found on the young woman’s body and that the projectiles ultimately remained in her skull.

The body of the young woman is found by the Añashuayco ravine, in Peru Arbo de Cerro Colorado.

While the body of the young man is found on a carriage trail in the Chiguata district.

The necropsy reveals that the man died of mechanical asphyxiation due to strangulation with a lasso. That is to say that they used a rope to take his life.

However, he would have been tortured before, because a top (female intimate garment) was found inserted in his throat and his feet were tied.

The two bullet wounds in his head were made when he was already without vital signs. The same happens in the case of women.

It is believed that the murderers of the two young men are the same and to divert the investigation they kill them in a building and then leave their bodies in different places, but not before firing two shots at each body.

It is suspected that both were killed together and taken in vehicles to different places.

The victims could not be identified, but it is presumed that they are of Venezuelan nationality, so the Peruvian Police sent samples of their fingerprints and photographs to the Embassy of Venezuela in Peru and Interpol.

Due to the cruelty and the way the bodies were left, it is believed that the murderers would be part of the foreign mafia known as Los Gallegos, to whom five previous crimes are attributed. Four were Venezuelan and one was Peruvian, he says The Republic

On May 21 another young venezuelan he was dismembered and part of his remains were found inside a sack in San Juan de Lurigancho.

The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Peru summons its fellow citizens to the Free Medical Conference “Venezuela takes care of you” which will be held on Saturday, July 2 at the Diplomatic Headquarters, located at 298 Arequipa Avenue, Cercado de Lima.

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