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A viewer of the Despierta con CDN program suggested that the exponents of urban music unite in a fundraising concert for those affected by Hurricane Fiona, an applaudable solidarity gesture but that the assembly may be more expensive than what is collected. These artists could contribute more, and with less effort, if they divest themselves of one or another luxurious vehicle or clothes that they flaunt. The same goes for those who talk about a tele-marathon, useful in the essentials for people who are experts in standing out. What should be honored is the general mobilization of the population to attract all kinds of help and motivate institutions like the four that, without waiting to be called or looking for a leading role, have channeled RD$225 million.

The entrance donations was first published in The Caribbean Newspaper.

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Only between Banco Popular, Banco de Reservas, Grupo SID and Ferretería Ochoa have aid for RD$225