Deputy Reisch: Bill that establishes as a crime all mistreatment of older adults

If the initiative is approved, these acts will be punished with 6 months to 3 years in prison and subsequent disqualification from exercising the profession, job or trade, for a period of 10 years.

This sanction will be applied to people who have older adults in their care and to residential workers, homes, health homes, who abuse older adults, who reside or stay there during the day.

“This abuse is not only physical; It is also economical when relatives, people or the institution that hosts them take out loans on their retirement and later the collection of the same is reduced. Likewise, there are patrimonial abuses when they make them sign a document by which they are left with some property or good, ”says the Colonial legislator.

“There are also places where older adults are mistreated or subjected to psychological abuse. We want these people, who are often unprotected, to have the security and guarantees they deserve”, he remarked.

In our country there are 460,000 older adults, of which 97% reside in their private homes and 3% in collective homes, among which are the residential ones.

“We all talk about older adults but there is no work to protect them and improve their quality of life. This gives them a protection so that abuses are not committed against them”, concluded Reisch.

Secretariat of the deputy Nibia Reisch

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