Dominicans and Colombians arrested with 8,500 pounds of cocaine

Dominicans and Colombians arrested with 8,500 pounds of cocaine

Almost 8,500 pounds of cocaine were seized by coastguard Americans in the Caribbean Sea in whose operation 13 suspected drug traffickers of Dominican and Colombian nationality were arrested, reported that agency, which states that the cache has a value of 243 million dollars.

The drug was unloaded at the base of the coastguard in Miami Beach last Friday.

The seizure and arrest of the alleged drug traffickers, who were not identified, was carried out thanks to several United States and other international agencies, including a Royal Netherlands Navy ship.

The law enforcement phase of operations in the Caribbean Sea is conducted under the authority of the 7th Coast Guard District, headquartered in Miami, Explain the US Coast Guard.

The US Coast Guard vessel Dauntless patrols the Caribbean Sea and the eastern Pacific Ocean in anti-drug operations, to intercept migrants, search and rescue and fishing control.

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