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“Domingo Jiménez is the best expression of the Dominican people,” says Leonel

Santo Domingo.- «I would qualify the legacy of Sunday Jimenez as immense, it is a truly extraordinary legacy, because Domingo Jiménez is the best expression of the Dominican people”, Leonel Fernández expressed himself about the deceased political leader, at a time when he went to present his condolences at the Blandino Funeral Home.

The president of the People’s Force described Jiménez’s entire journey of professional and personal development, highlighting the sense of honesty and integrity that defined him in each of his facets. Also the way he prepared himself to play these roles.

“People saw him as one of theirs, but one of theirs who had prepared himself, who had studied, who was disciplined, who had joined the student movement, the union movement, the revolutionary movement,” Fernández explained.

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«As you can see, Domingo is a man of multiple dimensions, he is a lawyer, he is a communicator, he is a political leader, he is a union leader, a student leader. A great communicator, an affable, cordial, friendly man, a man loyal to the cause, to his principles and to his convictions », he continued referring visibly embarrassed.

In the words of Fernández, Jiménez, who was the secretary of Labor Affairs and a member of the Political Directorate of the People’s Force, leaves a great legacy to this country and great contributions in each of the actions he carried out in life.

«Domingo Jiménez has an immense legacy, because he is the best reflection of the best of the Dominican people. He comes from below, Domingo is a man who comes from below, and based on his talent, based on his dedication and effort and, on that sense of history and loyalty, he got where he got, to be in the heart of all of us, from the Dominican people”, pointed out who was his friend and companion.

Leonel Fernandez

He also spoke of the emotional pain that this game leaves. «It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Domingo, very untimely, he still had a lot to give, a cancer victim. He tried to fight this to fight it, always with a fighting spirit, someone who didn’t back down, who didn’t give up. He did it with great courage », said Leonel Fernández.

«I insist, the Dominican people, the People’s Force, our party loses a glory, a man of values ​​and principles. Loyal to the cause and from the bowels of the Dominican people, “Fernández concluded about Domingo Jiménez.

From 9 in the morning personalities from Dominican society, especially from the political and trade union world, have paraded to offer their condolences through the Abraham Lincol Blandino Funeral Home.

The members of the Political Committee of the PLD, Radhamés Segura and Melaneo Paredes; in addition to former deputies Luis Alberto Tejeda and José Cabrera, both from Santo Domingo Este, also attended in the early hours of the morning.

Despite the fact that tomorrow, Saturday, the political honors correspond at the party’s headquarters, the leaders of the People’s Force have come to express their condolences to the relatives.

The former Vice President of the Republic, Rafael Alburquerque, together with Manolo Pichardo, Alexandra Peña, Franklin Labour, Franklin Almeyda, Juana Sánchez, Nelsida Marmolejos, among others, have remained throughout the morning accompanying the relatives.

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