Domestic workers launch national campaign targeting employers

Domestic workers launch national campaign targeting employers

Fight against inequality

Bautista stressed that at the national level there is a record of 2.2 million domestic workers, However, he considered alarming that the 71.3% of women are still in informal employment conditions, which makes them vulnerable to their rights.

“It is still a sector that does not have written employment contracts, very few are insured (before the IMSS), the salary they receive is still the majority earning between one and two salaries, the minimum non-professional as they should have according to the law ”he explained.

Affiliation of domestic workers to social security flourishes

For the activist, the pandemic accentuated the scenario of labor inequality that exists in this sector and even generated uncertainty about their rights as providers of care and cleaning services, who had to do work even at risk to their own health.

The civil association he represents has a record of cases of domestic workers aged 70 years who have worked with the same family for more than half of their lives and who are paid just over 3,000 pesos per month.

“They earn very little for the same reason that they began to earn less than 100 pesos when they started and today for them it is very normal to earn that and when they contact us and counting all the activities they do, they should already earn up to 12,000 pesos per month. month ”he assured.

Slow progress

In a discussion with domestic workers held in recent days, José Luis Rodríguez Díaz de León, Secretary of Labor of Mexico City highlighted that according to the national occupation and employment survey of INEGI, until September 2021 the capital of the country registered a advance in the wage regulation for domestic workers, which has a minimum of 5,000 pesos per month compared to the 4,000 that are granted in other entities of the country.

However, he pointed out, the percentage that has a contract is very low.

“98.8% of domestic workers (in Mexico City) report that they do not have a labor contract, there is only a record of 1% who acknowledge having a contract and at the national level, the figure is similar,” he pointed out.

He said that the ages of domestic workers in CDMX range between 20 and 59 years old, which represents 77% of the total and the remaining 60 and over.



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