Dollar today: this is the price for Monday, April 3, according to the BROU

Dollar today: this is the price for Thursday, June 1, according to the BROU

He dollar opened this Thursday, June 1 with a value of $37.60 the purchase and $40.00 the saleaccording to the listing of Banco República (BROU).

In the historical, buying and selling of the US currency increased $0.05 With respect to Wednesday May 31.

How much are $1,000 Argentine pesos in Uruguayan pesos?

On the other hand, the Argentine peso trades at $0.05 buy and $0.35 sellunchanged compared to the previous business day.

He Dolar bluemeanwhile, trades this Thursday morning at A$485.00 to buy and A$490.00 to sell, according to the Argentine newspaper El Cronista. the exchange rate down A$3 (0.62%) compared to the start of Wednesday.

So, A$1,000 on the neighboring shore is trading at $76.73 with the blue exchange rate or US$2.04.

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