Cabello: after the show at the UCV one prays for primaries in the opposition

“Did you see what happened at the Central University of Venezuela? A show!”. This is how the first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, described the process of elections for authorities of this house of study that were suspended after denunciations of irregularities and arguments of “failures in the system.”

For Cabello, this failed process is evidence of what could happen in an opposition primary election with manual voting as proposed by the pre-candidates.

“I have not wanted to talk about this issue because I am not a graduate of the Central, but beyond what happened at the UCV what one has to ask is who led the process? Who organized the process? They are the same ”, he pointed out in reference to the opposition leadership.

“When one sees what happened there, one prays that there will be primaries in the opposition, but manual like there, that they count the votes one by one,” he said, adding that “the people who went out to vote were disappointed because those who were responsible for guaranteeing the right to vote did not guarantee it.”

“No one voted, but they burned everything there, manual primaries would really be extraordinary,” he insisted and stated that behind the suspension of this electoral process is to avoid handing over “because there are many businesses there.”

“They did not do it because there is a lot of business there that they do not want to finish delivering, and even less so now that the UCV, after having been destroyed by Mrs. García Arocha, the Bolivarian Government is making it pretty and beautiful as the UCV should always have been. university and you must remember that when the work began there they said that this was a violation of the autonomy of the UCV,” he said.

saboteur boric

Cabello referred to the recent Summit of Presidents of South America organized in Brazil and pointed out the importance that this meeting has for the new stage of relations in the region.

“The leaders of the region were summoned to Brazil, only Peru was missing. Our President Nicolás Maduro was from Venezuela and there he had bilateral meetings with President Lula da Silva, with President Alberto Fernández of Argentina, with President Luis Arce of Bolivia, with Gustavo Petro of Colombia, all the meetings in order to share the vision and reinforce those points where, somehow, the unit requires more work”, he highlighted.

He questioned the statements of Chilean President Gabriel Boric, whom he accused of being a file of the United States Government to try to sabotage the summit called by the Brazilian President, Luiz Inácio “Lula” da Silva.

“They (USA) search the board for the fools, who are very easy to handle and the biggest fool emerges: Boboric,” he said, affirming that the White House does this because “they no longer had Piñera, Macri, well, to the lackeys who have always been there because they left, they dried up”.

He regretted that the Chilean president was going to disrespect him, first of all to President Lula and the Brazilian people “although it was really bad because he did not succeed, in the end the summit was an overwhelming success,” he declared.

Fly with the influencers

The leader called on the officials identified with the PSUV and the allied parties to be vigilant with the actions they undertake under the advice of “influencers.”

“An influencer exposed a person through social networks and the police immediately acted. What pod is that? ”, She questioned and pointed out that another case was the exposure made by a coastal mayor against a person.

“The mayor disciplinedly went and apologized,” he pointed out and called attention to the fact that these scandals on social networks arise in the midst of President Maduro’s visit to Brazil.

“This arises as to create a scandal, make a dent in the success of the President’s visit to Brazil and talk about something else, I do not believe in coincidences and I promise that I will be very aware of these things,” he assured while stressing to officials to be vigilant and avoid these misunderstandings.

“Be careful because they are going to get into a roll and then they are not going to say that they did not know or that they believed. Whoever believes is fighting, at this time the naive are over, I said! ”, She emphasized.

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