Dollar drops to R$ 4.74 and reaches lowest value since the beginning of the pandemic

Dollar rises to R$4.80 and closes at the highest value in a week

On a day when international fears got stronger again, the dollar rose and closed at the highest value in a week. After operating higher for most of the day, the stock exchange lost strength towards the end of trading and closed stable, amid deterioration in foreign markets.

The commercial dollar closed this Wednesday (1st) sold at R$ 4.804, up by R$ 0.051 (+1.08%). The price started the day low, but reversed the trend late in the morning. At the maximum of the day, around 2 pm, the US currency approached R$ 4.82.

The stock market also had a volatile day. The Ibovespa index, on the B3, closed at 111,360 points, with a slight increase of 0.01%. The indicator started higher, driven by the appreciation of iron ore after the slowdown in the lockdown in regions of China. However, the fall in US stock markets weighed and influenced the global financial market.

The dollar had a high day across the planet after statements by a regional director of the Federal Reserve (Fed), the North American Central Bank, who defended the continuity of interest rate increases in the United States to combat inflation, which is at the highest level in 40 years. Interest rates on US Treasury bonds, considered the safest papers in the world, rose, putting pressure on the global financial market.

*With information from ReutersDollar rises to R$4.80 and closes at the highest value in a week

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