At least four dead in shooting at a US hospital, including the attacker

At least four dead in shooting at a US hospital, including the attacker

At least three people died this Wednesday at the hands of a shooterwho also lost his life, on a hospital campus in Tulsa, Oklahoma, police said, as the United States grapples with grief and anger over the recent shooting at a Texas school.

Police did not say whether the attacker, who was armed with a rifle, was shot by security officers or killed himself.

“We can confirm that four people were killed, including the shooter, in an active shooting situation on the St. Francis Hospital campus. Officers are still vacating the building,” Tulsa Police tweeted. from his official account, adding that he will expand the information.

Earlier, Police Capt. Richard Meulenberg said officers they were treating the scene as “catastrophic” with “several” people shots and “multiple injuries”.

The Joe Biden administration, informed of the shooting, offered support to local officials in a statement.

The incident is the latest in a series of deadly attacks by gunmen in the past month in the United States. A little over a week ago, a young Armed with an AR-15 assault rifle, he broke into a school in Uvalde, Texas. and murdered 19 children and two teachers, before being shot down by law enforcement.

The control of access to firearms in the United States, a right guaranteed by the second amendment of the Constitution, faces a deep resistance from most Republicans and some Democratic rural states. But Biden, who visited Uvalde over the weekend, pledged earlier this week to “keep pushing” for reform.

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