Dollar goes to R$ 5.67 and closes at the highest value in more than six months

Dollar exceeds R$ 5.30, but accumulates low for the fourth week

Driven by the international market and internal factors, the dollar surpassed the level of R$ 5.30, but had the fourth consecutive week of decline. The stock market rose, stimulated by the recovery of US stock markets and the rise in oil prices.Dollar exceeds R$ 5.30, but accumulates low for the fourth week

The commercial dollar ended Friday (4) sold at R$5.322, up by R$0.027 (+0.5%). The price started the day low, falling to R$ 5.28 in the first minutes of trading, but started to rise after the market opened in the United States.

Despite today’s high, the US currency closed the week down 1.26%. In 2022, the decline reaches 4.56%.

In the stock market, the day was marked by recovery. After two consecutive days of decline, the Ibovespa index, on the B3, closed at 112,245 points, up 0.49%. The indicator operated lower in the first half of trading, but reversed the movement with the performance of stock markets in the United States. The international appreciation of oil has raised the shares of oil companies and mining companies. The stock market has fluctuated a lot in recent days, but closed the week up 0.3%.

The disclosure that the US economy generated more jobs than expected in January made the dollar rise across the planet. This is because the warming of the largest economy on the planet increases pressure for the Federal Reserve (Fed, US Central Bank) to raise interest rates more than expected.

Last week, the Fed confirmed that it will raise interest rates starting in March. Since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, rates have been at the lowest level in history, between 0% and 0.25% per year. The dollar’s rise, however, was moderate because some investors understand that the effects of monetary tightening in the United States are already priced (incorporated into the price of financial assets) for emerging countries.

In Brazil, the expectation around the presentation of a proposed amendment to the Constitution or bills that change the collection of fuel prices. Investors are concerned about the tax impact of the proposals, which could result in lower taxes and increased subsidies.

In the stock market, US stocks rebounded a day after shares in Meta (the company that owns Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp) fell 26%. With several shares of large companies cheaper, several investors took the opportunity to buy shares, creating a movement that boosted stock exchanges across the planet.

* With information from Reuters

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