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Does a company call you on the phone until you are tired? This you can do

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 Does a company call you on the phone until you are tired? This you can do

If until today the “for now I am not interested” or the “they have already called me before and I do not want any financial product”, they are not enough and your keeps getting countless calls from interested in offering you their products or services, it is important that you know that beyond rejecting the offers you can also take other actions.

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Which? At complaint channel “WhatsApp Do Not Insist” (999273647) of IndecopiFor example, you can report unauthorized calls, text messages or advertising emails that you receive from vendors offering products and services without your authorization or consent.

This service has been enabled by the state entity since 2018, in line with what the Consumer Protection and Defense Code what needs what “Suppliers must have the prior consent of people to offer products and / or services through phone calls, text messages and / or emails”.

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To report this type of case, consumers can contact Indecopi by adding the number 999273647 of the “WhatsApp Do not insist” among their contacts.

And, in case you receive a communication that you did not authorize to report it to the complaint channel “WhatsApp Do not insist”, you must provide the following information:

1. Company name

2. Detail of the product or service offered

3. Telephone number or email address from which you were contacted

4. Date and time the communication occurred

5. Screen print of call or email log

6. Name and ID of the person who received the communication

You must bear in mind that this service –as clarified in Indecopi– “It does not serve to file a claim or complaint against a company or supplier, or to block the numbers or emails reported”, but it does serve to identify the companies that incur in faults, for which they could be sanctioned with fines that can reach up to 450 UIT.

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Indecopi’s “WhatsApp Do Not Insist” is a reporting channel to report promotional calls without authorization (Image: Indecopi)


But, the Indecopi service is not the only reporting channel, you can also choose to block incoming calls from the numbers that you have managed to identify as the authors of the “advertising calls” from your cell phone.

And also You can inform the General Directorate of Personal Data Protection of the Ministry of Justice, which is the entity in charge of the proper processing of personal data.


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Ana Peña, manager of Supervision and Inspection of Indecopi. null

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