Doctors from Casa de Galicia reached an agreement with the mutualists that will absorb them

After eight days of the final closure of Casa de Galicia, in the CHealth Services Wage Council—made up of representatives of the Executive Branch, the Uruguayan Medical Union (SMU) and employer delegates, I know They agreed on the conditions under which the mutualist’s doctors will be distributed.

According to the record of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security to which he agreed The Observer, The workers to be hired by the health providers —Universal, Cudam, Círculo Católico, Hospital Evangélico and Crami— will be selected by the latter according to their care needs and workload. Doctors will maintain the contracting modality they had at Casa de Galicia (unless it is not used by the receiving institution).

Providers will select workers based on a group priority order. First of all, Preference will be given to those doctors whose only income came from Casa de Galicia. In second place will be those who received 60% or more of their income from their work at the mutual insurance company. In third and last place, there will be those people who, due to their activity in the recently closed health provider, obtained less than 60% of the total income for their professional work.

In a first stage, 65 workers will be selected from the priority group and, if the number is not reached, it will continue with the next sector. This stage must be completed within a maximum period of 45 days from the signing of the agreement; from April 8.

The second phase follows the same rules regarding the hiring of personnel, but it has a maximum term of 75 days to be carried out.

The third moment of entry of the doctors to the new providers will be for workers from groups 1 and 2 who were selected in the early stages but were performing tasks in the Casa de Galicia sanatorium. These will be able to continue doing their work, and their position will be reserved for up to two months from the award of the sanatorium. At the end of this period, the worker must indicate whether or not he will occupy the position that was reserved for him. If you do not want to occupy it, it will be offered to another worker who is part of the eventual remnants of groups 2 and 3.

The receiving health providers will allocate a total of $19 million per month that will be borne by each of them in proportion to the total number of Fonasa affiliates. —and that they remain as such until April 2, 2022—of House of Galicia. The amount will be earmarked for fixed and variable remuneration that will be paid to workers.

The process of incorporation of doctors will culminate when the limit is reached of $19 million monthly and this will be done at the amounts paid by each mutualist. However, no position assigned by the institutions may exceed $184,000 monthly nominal between fixed and variable remuneration.

The Executive Branch estimates that the number of contracts with the established conditions will reach 250 workers.

Conditions for doctors

The workers incorporated under this agreement must maintain a minimum of 70% of the hourly load and the average amount of fixed and variable remuneration generated during the last 12 months worked at Casa de Galicia.

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