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The girl presents symptoms of possible demonic possession, however, psychiatric and psychological problems must first be ruled out for an eventual exorcism.

The story of the affected family from San Lorenzo began last year, when one of the 11-year-old daughters presented “symptoms” and strange behaviors, but after making First Communion ‘he was healed’. Now, her 7-year-old sister replicates almost the same sayings and facts.

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In this regard, Father Pablino Villalba recounted in dialogue with 1080 am that since last year the accompaniment to this family for that issue.

“There were suspicious features and symptoms, but it cannot be determined at all. naked eye if it is a case of possession or not. Suddenly when you pray to him, his voice changes to a thicker voice and he has a lot of theological knowledge that cannot be conceived in someone his age, in addition, he has aversion to religious images, the cross and so on. The holy water spilled on him and he felt like burns, ”explained the priest.

All this makes one suspect that it is a demonic possession, as estimated by Villalba. However, he maintained that it cannot be determined only with the symptoms present, since several psychiatric and psychological studies must first be carried out to rule out any disorder or mental problem and, in the event that she is possessed, refer to the respective instances.

About that, he said that he asked the girl questions about the heaven and hell and that it was responding with much knowledge. “He described to me how he is Hell, what’s there, what are the demons like?He described to me how they are. I asked him if Jesus is good and he told me that he is bad, the same as Mary, that she is bad and she told me that Satan is good. In her neck she feels a worrying oppression, ”she recounted.

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Although the little girl has not harmed anyone so far, her mother fears that she will hurt herself. “The mom hid the knives because she wanted to self harm. What we always suggest is that you go to a psychologist, psychiatrist, clinician and we also accompany you. The girls came to follow psychological treatmentThey took medication, but the symptoms continued,” he said.

He also indicated that the episodes are already repeated constantly, according to what the mother told him. In this sense, the father maintained that the Catholic Church has protocol to treat these cases and that exorcisms are not practiced until they are sure of being with a possessed person.

“We are talking about an alleged case of possession, that is going to be taken care of by the Pastoral of Exorcism“, he pointed out.

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